The Catechism’s 129 Questions and Answers have historically been divided into 52 Sections, one for each “Lord’s Day” of the year. In these settings, the morning sermon on the Lord’s Day was devoted to Biblical exposition. The afternoon sermon was an exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism or, from time to time, other confessional document.

The Questions and Answers are grouped by their respective “Lord’s Day”.

For purposes of using the catechism as a text for individual discipleship or study group setting (i.e. to prepare individuals for a Public Profession of Faith after Infant Baptism commonly known as “Confirmation”, it may be better to deal with one Question and Answer per week and cover the catechism over 129 weeks.

For that reason, study resources have been provided for each particular question.

When the catechism is used with individuals or a study group setting, the goal should be for each student to memorize each question and answer, record that accomplishment, and award a “catechism certificate” upon completion.

Experienced catechists will recognize that when students have difficulty memorizing a particular passage, it often indicates that the answer being studied has hit upon a sensitive point in the soul of the student.

While resources are provided so that the theology of the catechism is properly understood, it is the catechist’s task to help the student internalize and apply the doctrine to their particular situation, the result being praise to God, repentance from sin, and reliance upon Jesus Christ the Lord as our true comfort in life and in death.